Fire on the Somes River – Virtual Bridge

Categories: installation performance
Event in Tranzit:
Tranz Art in Situ - the Rehabilitation of Public Space
Tranzit Foundation French Cultural Center Cluj
Finis e.V. Institut fur Interdisziplinare Studien (Germany), Castel Banffy Voluntary Association
Financial support:
Euroart - European Cultural Fund for Romania, French Cultural Center Cluj
-- Artist: Denis Tricot (France)
Reconversion has been a key word in Tranzit’s artistic program. The concept of reconversion came from the idea of symbolic interpretation of the space that leads to giving form to its architectural shape. From the first manifestations (We and They - 1997, Passer-by - 1998), artists have sought to define the meanings of the emptied space of the synagogue. The artistic approaches raised the idea of the reconstruction of the space of Tranzit in an integrative manner, in the urban landscape of Cluj, as the building of Tranzit House is part of a whole architectural complex. The synagogue, the courtyard, the closed Nameless Street that initially led the way to the synagogue, and the destroyed bridge on the Somes river were forgotten by the city till lately. The performance of Denis Tricot virtually reconstructs the destroyed bridge over the Someş river.

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