The Aesthetics of Structures

Categories: exhibition
Event in Tranzit:
Heritage Values of Historic Structures, 8th edition of International Conference Series on Historic Structures
Transylvania Trust, the Transylvanian Historic Building Conservationists’ Society, the Romanian Ministry of Culture and the Technical University of Cluj, Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning
Tranzit Foundation, INCERC Cluj
Financial support:
Romanian Ministry of Culture, General Game Ltd., Alba Iulia, Utilitas Built Heritage Conservation, Research and Design Centre Cluj, and the Scientific Board of the Illyés Foundation’s Romanian Branch.

„As in most countries of the region, Romanian structural engineer training focused and still focuses on modern technologies and materials only. However historic building conservation requires a specialised theoretical and practical knowledge of traditional structures as well. The primary aim of the yearly conference series initiated in 1997 in Cluj is to promote the exchange of professional information and experience between experts, as well as to organise the long-term Central-European research of historic structures. The event is the only regular professional meeting of historic structure conservation engineers, which has developed in the past five years into a high quality professional forum.” (Imola Kirizsán, project director).

In the frame of the conference a thematic exhibition took place in Tranzit House, with the title The Aesthetics of Structures.
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